Revolution lift – Battery troubleshooting

We were called to trouble shoot a lift that would not operate for long on battery. The root cause of the problem was that the battery was being left on the lift until the lift would no longer work and then the battery was swapped out for the fully charged spare. Unfortunately if the working battery is run down to a very low state of charge then its chemistry deteriorates and it will no longer be able to hold a full charge. Over time with more full discharges this gets worse. The solution is to charge the battery as frequently as practical so that it only ever gets partially discharged. We have had some lifts where the battery has lasted over 5 years where it is regularly re charged. So, for best battery lift re charge frequently.

Jacinta visits the Aqua Creek factory in Missoula Montanna

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In October Jacinta spent some time in the Aqua Creek Factory in Missoula Montanna , USA.  Jacinta said “What a worthwhile visit, I got to spend time with a great bunch of people,  the sales team, engineering, manufacturing and dispatch. We came up with some efficiencies in shipping that will lower our transportation costs which we can pass on to our customers”

Jennine using her new Ranger lift at Dubbo


Jennine sent us the following very kind words:

I am almost 80yrs old and Ostio arthritis in my knee and hip joints were preventing me from walking properly, i was in constant pain. My specialist reccomended swimming but i couldnt get in and out of our pool anymore. I am so happy we installed the ranger lift, i can now get in and out of the pool several times a day with no effort at all. DPL were fantastic, they were easy to deal with, nothing was a problem and they helped us throughout the installation, they were only a phone call away””